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conversation with Colin Joe: US Elections: Battle between Light and Dark, the aftermath.

This is our weekly chat with my teacher Colin Joe Byrne. In this week’s conversation, Colin in his own words speaks about:

This conversation was about the aftermath of US elections. What happens now? Who is going to win, spoiler alert it wont be what the msm has us believe.

There is a much bigger battle going on than what is cat stake in the USA elections.

Colin’s awakening experience:
In 2003, while living in Cape Town, he had a multi-dimensional being appear to him who told him that he was sent to teach, train and mentor him. After three years of training, Colin volunteered to be one of a large number of people who were doing grid work (working with energy along leylines) all over the Earth. It is a requirement for gridkeepers to lead a quiet, cloistered and isolated lifestyle to be most effective and away from any severe exposure to electro-magnetic fields.
In 2014, he was told that the grid work had been successful and that he should then explain to the world what he had learnt. He then started posting this information on social media and collected and collated his posts on a website.

Colin’s Writings :

Education Online Mechanics of Bio-Energetics and Spirituality

Colin’s Facebook Profile:

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Hamid (alchemist mystique) is a Life Coach who works with the awakening masses to get them to discover their hidden treasures by guiding them through deep transformational journeys. Hamid knows that every single human being can be massively powerful if only they had access to their own often latent internal guidance system. Hamid has empowered many people to change their life drastically. Through simple conversations Hamid has been able to shed light and create hope in difficult situations. Hamid is an aikido black belt and a trained Daka who has been practicing improv theater for a decade. Over the years in his extensive spiritual studies, Hamid has studied the teachings of Carlos Castaneda, Druvnalo Melchidazek, Juliet and Jiva Carter, Colin Joe Byrne among many others. Hamid holds a BSc in Computer Science from University of Toronto.

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