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Combating Misinformation: The Palestinian Coronavirus Vaccine Lie image

Over the past month, numerous media outlets, including CNN, The Washington Post and The Guardian, have leveled false accusations against Israel regarding its obligations to provide the Palestinians with coronavirus vaccines.

HonestReporting is countering the narrative by setting the record straight where it matters most, at the point of origin: in the media.

Now, we’re asking you to join us by contacting news outlets that get the story wrong.

Together, we can make an even bigger difference.


2 comments on “Combating Misinformation: The Palestinian Coronavirus Vaccine Lie image

  1. What's happening in Oslo Area C? Do these Palestinians have access to Israeli covid vaccinations?

  2. if the " palestinians" put as much effort in raising their standard of living as they do in trying to destroy Israel ( by any means ) , they might even be able to produce the vaccine under licence in " their territories " , but that's too much to ask , I suppose

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