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Cole Anthony Talks Game-Winner, Postgame Interview – Grizzlies vs Magic | May 1, 2021

Memphis Grizzlies vs Orlando Magic – Full Game Highlights | May 1, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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48 comments on “Cole Anthony Talks Game-Winner, Postgame Interview – Grizzlies vs Magic | May 1, 2021

  1. Can we get a quick shoutout to Dante Marchitelli for giving a hell of an interview and letting Cole do the talking and feeding off him.

  2. Love this energy. Kudos to you Cole. Great future ahead with the talent in the NBA. I thought forwards were taking over the NBA, but the guards are coming back with a bang!!!

  3. Tryna get this money!!!
    Who. Is. This?

    Can’t teach NYC swag!!
    (Him n Bamba played AAU together)

  4. Bro this the funniest draft class of all time. Like it ain’t even remotely close 😂. U got melo, Edwards, and cole bruh

  5. I cant wait for next year when Issac and Fultz are back! This team is gonna be fun! Also hope we get Green too!

  6. Man it’s so crazy despite being right handed, with dreads, and lighter skin, if you look close he looks and shoots just like his dad

  7. Excited to see this kid grow up with this team. Love that energy. And yes, Thank you Denver 🙏🏼

  8. Went from getting over looked Dropping way down in draft to really showing he always was and when your dad’s Greg Anthony you kind of were bred to do this props lil bro

  9. This draft class has plenty of good personalities who can all hoop for years in this league. We’ll look back on this one being one of the best ever. Ant, Lamelo, IQ, Tyrese, Cole etc

  10. Bro is in his element when it comes to these moments! Like he’s said give me that big out at the perimeter and it’s over!😂

  11. His mic skills, man.. it's hilarious but very entertaining at the same time. Stay real, bro!

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