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Cleveland Guardians Name Announcement Video (Parody)

The Cleveland Indians will be changing their name to the Cleveland Guardians and this is the publicity video they released to share the announcement.

This is a parody and falls under Fair Use.

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7 comments on “Cleveland Guardians Name Announcement Video (Parody)

  1. Yes I am from Cleveland. Yes my Tom Hanks impression is terrible. Yes that logo does make me want to die. Now that you’re here, why not check out my comedy sketches and other videos?

  2. This is Such GREAT NEWS!!!! I used to see Natives come down to the old & new stadiums to Peacefully Pray about this 25 years ago. This has cleansed my heart to know that this Answer to Pray will warm & encourage many people. From being offensive to being GUARDIANS! It's Great!

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