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Chill Productive Weekend Vlog | raining, new AOT episode, prepping for mid terms

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⚡️Age: 19
⚡️Live: California
⚡️From: Mauritania
⚡️Vlog Camera: Canon G7x
⚡️Main Camera: Canon EOS M50
⚡️Editing Software: I movie

Official Gianna Floyd Fund (for his daughter):
Justice for George Floyd:
Justice for Ahmaud Arbery:

XOXO Aissata 💛


16 comments on “Chill Productive Weekend Vlog | raining, new AOT episode, prepping for mid terms

  1. Je comprends rien en anglais
    Je m’abonne même si je regarde pas je peux partager ou aimer 👍

  2. hello your content is very nice! I subscribed, I will quickly welcome you to my channel 💐💐

  3. It’s actually raining right now and I’m just watching videos so I guess that’s what I like to do on rainy days

  4. Loved the weekend in my life to mix up the vlogs. You haven’t done a vlog like this in a bit. The slippers look so cozy and they’re a steal compared to the ugs good for you for finding them. I like to usually catch up on movies and tv on rainy days and have a chill day in. I also don’t get rain that often where I olive so it’s always a special occasion.

  5. Happy Saturday guys 😂
    I accidentally scheduled this vlog a day early so I woke up to a surprise but i hope you guys enjoy ☀️

  6. I usually don't watch series which are still/currently airing because I hate the wait, but after reading the chapters following season 3, I couldn't wait for the new season 😦 and now I wait 2~4 weeks, so I can watch several episdes at once 😂

  7. When it is rainy and cold I love to be cozy …….light my candles, get a soft blanket and read😊 sometimes I watch movies! I LOVE rainy days!

  8. On rainy days I love making ramen and watching a childhood show I love. Just chill and easy vibes ✌🏾

  9. This was so chill! Love the wallpaper.
    I love the rainy days, they're so nice to just chill and read!

  10. 🥰 🥰 Love your vlogs. But we want longer..,like 30 min or more 🥰 🥰 🥰
    Keep up the good work ✌🏾✌🏾Can you also do Ramadan vlogs when it is Ramadan In shA Allah ?

  11. Honestly, in gloomy rainy days I don’t feel motivated to do anything so I’ll probably stay in bed . Basically I hibernate in winter . I wish that I can be more productive during winter but I feel like my brain won’t work as fast as it used to in any other season 😅 if that makes any sense 🤦🏻‍♀️

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