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California SOS Confirms: Gavin Newsom Will Face Recall Election

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45 comments on “California SOS Confirms: Gavin Newsom Will Face Recall Election

  1. The recall people have been parked outside every Home Depot and Lowes in the suburbs for more than a year. Of course they got enough signatures eventually.

  2. As a Californian, I am glad that this happened since the Dems have been too comfortable but given how the other side has gone insane, I would rather vote for him unless someone decent runs.

  3. As a registered voter in CA, I will vote against the recall, and vote for the wackiest GOP candidate in the running. If a GOP candidate wins it will be by a razor thin margin.

  4. The recall is going to be expensive and probably fail. Newsom will be up for re election next year anyway. Why spend all the money? Wasting time and money.

  5. One of several reasons Gray Davis was recalled in California was because Arnold Schwarzenegger was on the ballot. College students that graduate from the University of California or California State University systems have the governor's signature on their diplomas, so many college students (and possible first-time voters) recalled Davis and elected Schwarzenegger to get the Terminator's signature on their college diplomas.

  6. I live in Southern California, many Democrats are tired of Gavin Newsom, I’m a registered Democrat and many of my other fellow Democrat friends have signed the petition! We need Newsome out!

  7. In that recall from Wisconsin Scott walker won yes but what happened the next election year he lost if Newsom isn’t recalled then he is likely to lose in 2022

  8. Lindsay Graham recently said that racism no longer exists in America because Barack Obama and Kamala Harris have both been elected

  9. Can we please have a Democrat as a replacement
    I don’t want a Republican governor
    He’ll/She’ll ruin California’s vaccination/climate change progress

  10. As a Californian, I can say that he is definitely not my first choice. He’s far too arrogant and his stupidity about French Laundry, his winery and the quickly changing requirements regarding reopening of schools (which looks politically motivated) is a sore point among a lot of my friends. However, because of the slavish devotion to Trump and the total irrelevance of the state GOP, he’s going to win. Personally, I probably won’t vote.

  11. Ordinary citizens are not qualified to decide which and how strong anti-covid measures should be. Do what's most popular and you will end up like India.

  12. Maryland and Massachusetts have both elected Republican governors so I wouldn't count out on the recall election (Also before anyone says to me that Hogan and Baker are more moderate, I'm from Massachusetts and know that, even if I do not support Baker).

  13. I wonder if Kevin McCarthy(who’s from California) getting involved would help or hurt the recall effort. He could boost republican turnout but he’s also pretty unpopular in most of California so a candidate being tied to him might be bad.

  14. We (CA) honestly don’t give a fat fuck he went to that dinner. Republicans are loud as hell, there’s a lot of them here but they have no power, and they pressed af. We don’t like thinking about our Governor. We want this to be over. Republicans are costing us energy and money, as always. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  15. I'm from California and we're tired of Newsom!! My state voted for him and we dislike what he has done and we have every right to Recall him.

    I urge both Democrats and Republicans and also independents to support whomever but vote YES to Recall Newsom!! 🇺🇸

  16. Newsom will almost certainly be fine. He’s moderately popular, the Democrats are uniting behind him, the COVID situation in CA is getting much better, and there’s no way Californians will want to vote for a Trump supporting Republican for governor even if they’re not stoked about Newsom.

  17. Gavin Newsom will stay governor in California. (Period) this just came up during the time of COVID restrictions. No people you can't do things as you were doing before in a highly populated state like California.

  18. We are not the same state as the last flawed recall we are bluer then before and we see this right wing hack job a mile away. Lessons were learned from before and the same mistakes are unlikely to be made twice. This recall will likely mirror the results of the Presidential Election give or take a few percentage points. In my Congressional District which is the 45th we have shifted left since we elected Katie. We are still centrist unfortunately but luckily moving leftward and I will do what I can to fight this recall.

  19. Even Democrats who don't like him will vote against the recall. Maybe it would be different if the Democrats had a safe lead in the Senate, but few Democrats are going to want to chance a Republican governor and worry whether Feinstein is going to last. If Feinstein leaves office for health reasons then the Democrats lose their majority.

  20. I just did the math and all it takes to trigger a recall election is a signature from 2% of the state populace. I feel like they need to bump that number up to 5%.

  21. The “Web” part of Shirley Weber’s name is pronounced the same like as it is in spiderweb (say the web part like that). It is not pronounced like “weeb” as in the anime kind.

  22. I'm from California and seeing who the republican who is running, Newsom definitely will stay

  23. What a waste of time and money–we'll have this stupid recall this fall and then the following year we'll have the regularly scheduled gubernatorial election.

  24. “A shout out to Chick-Fil-A and blah blah blah I’m a Christian and blah blah and abortion and blah blah court packing and blah blah blah” – Tim Scott

  25. I'm gonna vote against the recall just because I don't see anyone better running.

  26. ✨manifesting✨that it happens after my 18th birthday in september so that i can vote!

  27. The fact is that Newsom has pretty effectively locked up support in the Party, so he’s unlikely to face a viable candidate from the left, and enough CA voters find the current iteration of the GOP anathema. He’s likely to win this recount. Having said that, that dinner with that lobbyist, was a complete, unforced error, and I don’t fault people for recalling him.

  28. I would like to see a moderate or liberal republican step into power here, they seem to do a good job in the Northeast. A democrat would be fine but it might be time for a change.

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