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Businesses That Condemned Georgia Voting Law Resume Donations To Republicans Who Passed It

Businesses were up in arms earlier this year about Georgia’s repressive voting laws that were passed, but they apparently didn’t stay mad for very long. According to recent financial disclosures, within weeks of condemning Georgia Republicans, many major companies began giving them tens of thousands of dollars, proving that the “outrage” they were expressing was nothing more than a show. Corporations will never change, not as long as they are able to purchase politicians. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses this.

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Several months ago, many corporations doing business in the state of Georgia and some of these are massive multinational corporations doing business in Georgia, they signed onto a pledge. It was called the, We Stand for Democracy pledge, and it was condemning Republicans in the state of Georgia for passing that ridiculously oppressive and repressive voting law. And all these corporations said, you don’t get anything from us as long as this law is in place, no more money. We’re done funding you. We’re gone. Goodbye. And then of course, literally weeks later as to be expected, corporations started saying, well, I mean, you know, we can’t stay mad at you forever. Here’s, here’s $20,000. Tens of thousands of dollars have been donated by companies that signed onto that We Stand for Democracy pledge to the Republicans who passed that piece of legislation. Now to their credit, by the way, two major Georgia corporations, both Delta and Coca-Cola have not. They are still sticking to the pledge. They’re not giving money to these individuals. So hey, for the moment, kudos on this one issue to both Delta and Coke.

Comcast, however, as predicted, right? I mean, Comcast, one of the biggest corporate villains the United States has ever seen. They, they only lasted a couple of weeks before they started handing out thousands and thousands of dollars to individuals who passed that Georgia law. You have, Peter Colon executive at Live Nation, the entertainment company had signed onto the statement, but, Colon himself gave $2,000 to these Republicans. Folks, it’s all for show. Okay. And I had said this back when we had, remember the corporations who said, oh, we’re not donating any money to Republicans who voted to overturn the election results. I told you then all they’re going to do is just wait out the clock, wait until they think people aren’t paying attention anymore and then the donations are going to start flowing. And it did, it actually happened a lot faster than I thought it would. This is no different. It’s the same thing. See these corporations think they can go out there, make these big grand statements, you know, put out these tweets, put out the press releases, go appear on national news and say, this is not what this country stands for.

This is not what we’re about as a company. And I’ll be damned if we give them another dime. Well, you’re damned because you are. Just like with the Republicans who voted to overturn the election. Just like with the Republicans who don’t want people to have the right to vote. You’re still giving them money because you think everybody stopped looking. And even if they are looking now, okay, so there’s going to be some outrage. How long is the outrage going to last, folks? A week, half a week, a day, maybe? Nobody’s going to care about this in a week and that’s what me off the most about some of these stories. Not because the corporations did it, but because the outrage that should be felt among the public dies off even faster than they’re pledge died. That’s what gets so frustrating about this. That’s why they keep doing this. It’s not because they’re just inherently evil. Most of them are. It’s because they know you’re not going to pay attention enough to hold them accountable when they break their promises.


19 comments on “Businesses That Condemned Georgia Voting Law Resume Donations To Republicans Who Passed It

  1. it's no surprise, sadly- this is all a PR then, when they aren't looking they'll drop the sheet and go right back to what to they were doing. At least (so far) Coke and Delta, but how long will their promise last?

    So just to you know who is working for who!!

  3. Boycott is our only defense. It’s our only weapon. It’s our only currency to save a nation. Provide us a list. And let’s at least let it not die on our pages. Snd we all know people with pages who know people with pages. Please give us a list. Let us go down fighting to the last pixel. Our pledge is to repost it every day, everywhere, until the mid- terms. Ore with your wallet. That’s shat they’re doing snd even though they have the money.. WE HAVE THE PEOPLE. We can make them hurt. .

  4. So we as consumers need to not purchase their products. The only thing that we as consumers can do is hit them where it hurts, their pocketbooks!

  5. comcast sux azz. every time theres a new sale the current customers are put on the back burner suffering bandwidth throttling and the worst customer service exp. the were taken to court in a class action some years ago and looks like it needs to happen again.

  6. Traitors, liars and decitful racists. Corporations are absolutely despicable it's sickening. The only thing ppl can do is not BUY from these groups: don't spend money were you don't have to. Basically voting now has become like Russia. YOU CAN'T VOTE! America is not becoming a dictatorship, it is NOW officially a dictatorship.

  7. Remember, when they ask for your donation at checkout, they are writing off your donation as theirs and getting the tax credit for it.

  8. I would like all the names of the companies that did so, not only those in the paper:
    McGuireWoods (a Richmond-based law firm),
    Live Nation (an entertainment company)

    Trouthman Pepper(another law firm)

    Where can we find them? Who needs to be boycotted?

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