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34 comments on “Brooklyn Nets vs Toronto Raptors Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

  1. toronto illegal play utah jazz toronto 12 min 13 number shit man toronto shit man

  2. The only reason the Nets won waas because the Raptors go to players are not doing well. FVV and Siakim have been horrible. Raptors fans are crying out about their subpar play. It has been a constant concern.

  3. The Raptors are still good but they are no were near as good as they were in 2019

  4. So this is of the of main reasons i love the NBA look at Mike James going from mother russia to the nets just amazing stuff all in for the underdogs

  5. Harris must be more crucial in nets ,cause the defenders attention were on kyrie and kd

  6. I am neutral fan-my team was blown up, and Nikola Vucevic is now a star. That said, I see Nets going far-but unless they D up or have all Big Three healthy, I predict that they will not get ring. I said that at beginning of season. What annoyed me was when I saw Harden before he went out, and he played stellar defense. Ticked me off. No D no Rings. If they go down then next year D will be emphasized: all Big Three can play D. For Nets fans: recall when Nets were losing and a bewildered Nash looked like a deer in headlights when he told press that team was lacking D. Get out of town! Nash is perfect for these guys-wouldn't know Defense if it was waived in front of his nose. Young players: Play Chris Paul mentality and not Nash's "let's light 'em up boys."

  7. I say this after watching NBA for 55 years. Young ballers: never do what Durant did: swipe defense, no ball, no move, guy goes in for layup that my Aunt Mollie (RIP) could have made. Kyle Lowry is the Nose that Knows. Durant had ball, "though the better of it" and passed it-with one foot shorter guarding big KD.

  8. I feel really angry over the amount of times Pascal drove to the hoop and got smashed and the whistle wasn't blown but on the other end it was an instant whistle with a finger tip foul, So many fouls were not called for the Raptors that would have changed the outcome I personally think. As for the Nets new guys damn they can shoot three's it was crazy. I am not going for the Nets or the Lakers both teams are stacked hard what's the point honestly. I'm going for Philly or the Bucks if my Raptors can't make it in tenth spot for the playoff's!! If we do make tenth spot teams know we are a dangerous team regardless of our season we have had!!! I still have faith we still have some time. I want a team that hasn't been stacked with all stars to win the whole thing and also who earns it.

  9. Man i love the style of playing of Joe Harris, what a good player! Nice shooting form, nice pass, everything!

  10. Damn😱 nets got a good pick player like Mike James🏀 he really step up off the bench👍

  11. Did you notice that the Nets starting lineups are all deadly 3 point shooters 😁

  12. MIKE JAMES ? I've heard he was suspended recently in russian CSKA ? And suddenly he's in Brooklyn 🙂 DAMN he is a hell of a player

  13. Why are they playing so much zone defence against one of the best shooting teams in the nba at the moment? Not criticism but genuinely just wanna understand the game a little better

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