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Bride's Duelling Mums "Acting Like Children" During Appointment | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

Bride Hannah has both her mum and step-mum for her appointment at Bridals by Lori. With the two mums’ vastly contrasting opinions, will Hannah be able to find her perfect dress?

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46 comments on “Bride's Duelling Mums "Acting Like Children" During Appointment | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

  1. Why you keep looking at me? because you're the one that's putting your two cents in; when you're even lucky to be there. It's none of your business!. That's why.

  2. My daughter values my opinion but I'm going to be a mess. Unless she picks the slutty panina monstrosity, I think she will look beautiful in everything. She has good taste and class so I'm just going to be the one crying & happy for her.

  3. She looks absolutely stunning in that dress with the added bling at the end. But what also makes the dress nice is the rounded almost heart-shaped top. Which gives the bride a much more slimmer figure; versus, a top that's almost the same but more on the square side; that doesn't have the same effect.

  4. Everybody's talking abt how the stepmom was wrong but im just so distracted by how the bride had on way too much blush was her goal to look like an apple

  5. First off, if you're 25 years old, you need to make your own decisions. If you've decided to marry, then pick your own dress. Why do they insist on bringing half the family to "help"? Clearly, it's not working…

  6. The thing that pisses me off is she KNEW she picked a dress over budget when she told toe consultant not to tell Hannah the price of the dress. Shady as all hell and petty as all hell. Just to one up Hannah's mom? She should pay the difference then

  7. Both my Mom and future MIL thought the marriage wouldn't last…so I had my Matron of Honor/BFF and HER Mom go with me. These 2 ppl loved ME and wanted ME to be happy! I quickly found my perfect dress, and was happy and confident in my choice. My Mom saw the dress the day before my wedding. I'm sad it had to be that way, but…This year we are celebrating 38 happy years together, and look forward another 38 happy years; AND…we were a Blind Date that was Love at First Sight! I am Blessed!

  8. Shame on whichever mom picked that way over budget dress then didn’t offer to help. That’s horrible! What if she had fallen in love with that one. That was ugly.

  9. I'm sorry but daddies wife souls have to step back. She tried to out do the girl's mother! As for me…Step mom…She wouldn't have been there in the 1st place. MY MAMA WILL ALWAYS COME BEFORE STEP- MAMA!!!

  10. I have had the privilege to marry off two sons in the same year. How proud was I, going dress shopping with my 2 daughter-in-laws along side my sons other mom. We do not use the term step-mom and it took me years to break her from using it. She is their mom in every sense of the word except biologically. We and I mean, myself, her and my ex, love eachother and respect eachother and the role we play in our kids lives and in the lives of 2.5 grandchildren. Newest addition in Jan 2022. If you are going to give nasty looks and make it about you….step out…you have no role…stop being SELFISH!!!

  11. Step mama needs to step down. She needs to know her role. And I hate talking like that because I believe stepmoms should be treated equally, however, a stepmother should NEVER Trying to overstep the best mama ever. Not unless the birth mama was not in the child's life. If the bride has a very good relationship with her mama, step mama needs to realize that her mama comes first so her mamas opinion matters most importantly over the step mom's opinion. Yes the step mom's opinion does count but the The brides real mom comes first

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