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Brian Eno: "Please support DiEM25, now."

Message from Brian Eno in support of our movement and our Greek political party, MeRA25.

“We’re part of a huge movement. Black Lives Matter, Extinction Rebellion, Palestinian Liberation…all the environmental movements, they’re all linked. They’re all saying the same thing: that the system we’ve got doesn’t work. It needs re-thinking. There’s one organisation that is doing a lot of re-thinking, and that’s DiEM25. DiEM25 is really a new approach to politics. DiEM25 is really a beginning of a new way of doing things. Please support DiEM25 now.” — Brian Eno, artist and DiEM25 Advisory Panel member

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23 comments on “Brian Eno: "Please support DiEM25, now."

  1. The Nations of Sanity project presents the solution. The rest is just noise.
    If we cannot get together in recognition that each of us have right over only our own self then we are fucked. Truly fucked.

    If we can get together on this basic moral truth then we should stop fucking around and do precisely that. Get together on this moral truth.

    The Non-Aggression Principle is the only justifiably enforceable standard of law.

    So let's overthrow the criminals who rule over us and replace their bullshit with a free society where crime is objectively defined by the simple truth that the only person who has right over you is you.

  2. Time for Peace !⚖️
    THE WHOLE WORLD IS LIKE A SINKING SHIP……!!?? Nobody must become POOR! There is enough for everyone!
    Wake up People!!

  3. #Philosophy

    The Semantics of all Meaning….

    "Everything is Possible as Everything is Impossible, in this Matrix World. but it is for the Humans to discover but Not to know." Written by Ivan Klass

  4. Antiwar.Com (libertarian and socialist members) and The American Conservative are with us too. Many on the right have cottoned on too.

  5. I feel sorry to say this, but:

    Most of current DiEM25 seems to ignore that the most important part of the economy we need to change is the attention economy – which has completely collapsed into (silicon valley) oligopoly over the last 20 years. Unless the focus is put on THIS problem, everything else is moot.

    In my view, DiEM25 does not represent an innovate structural concept, narcissism still dominates its upper layers (Srećko Horvat being an illustrative example).

    So, I agree with Brian's analysis, but DiEM25 as it stands today, cannot develop into an effective movement – mainly because it 100% copies the attention-economic ignorance that brought us here to begin with.

    The accumulation of power (to control the prerogative of interpretation of what happens) that brought us WW1 and WW2 is now again threatening to cause massive harm.

    It's not about the financiers and bankers – it's about the tool that lets those people have enormous power over our cognitive maps.

    That tool is: corporate(=centralized) control of media networks and platforms.

    PS: please don't mistake this as me saying that so called ALT media is a solution. They're doing the same thing, mostly being even less genuine.

  6. If the ‘Left’ had bothered to speak up in opposition to the draconian lockdown legislation imposed by the Tory government by highlighting the realities of C-19 and not merely amplifying the hysteria, we would not now be in a one party state controlled by technocrats and psychocrats.

  7. Keep fighting the good fight, DiEM25!
    The best political party we have in Europe right now imo and the only party I’d consider joining.
    Much love and solidarity!

  8. I hear Eno’s words and they encourage me and give me hope.
    I read the comments down below and I feel disappointment. Can you vocal minority manage to stop bickering online? It doesn’t matter to anyone but you that you feel the urge win an argument with nothing at stake.
    It doesn’t matter if you’re right or wrong in a comments section on YouTube.
    Your words just amount to polluting the means by which we have to come together, unified, to tackle the problems we as a society face.
    This will only work if we really WANT it to work and that includes getting out of our own way in the process.
    Behind you all the way Diem25. Good work and keep pushing on.

  9. See how the trolls very quickly home in to anything for our betterment? Keep going, Brian.

  10. Black Lives Matter that doesn't care about the majority of black lives that get killed every year by other blacks people, extinction rebellion that wants the poorest people to suffer even more from being taxed even more heavily than they already are, and ''Palestinian liberation'' which supports Hamas, and their placing of Rocket Launching factories in civillian buildings, hospitals etc… no thanks Brian.

  11. Sounds like communism to me 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  12. For someone who despises the free market capitalist system so much, you've done very nicely out of it, over the years, comrade Eno. But isn't that always the way? See, I don't mind the ingratitude so much as I object to the hypocrisy. It's just more insufferable utopianism from deluded socialists who think they've discovered the answer.

    Another wing of the resentful Progressive International (lol), whose stated aims are: '…democratic, decolonized, just, egalitarian, liberated, solidaristic, sustainable, ecological, peaceful, post-capitalist, prosperous, and a plural society.'

    Another bunch who wants to run that equity experiment again. This time it will be different, comrades. Honest.

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