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Blue Jays vs. Orioles Game Highlights (6/19/21) | MLB Highlights

Blue Jays vs. Orioles full game highlights from 6/19/21

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40 comments on “Blue Jays vs. Orioles Game Highlights (6/19/21) | MLB Highlights

  1. A gutsy win like this is something to build off of. Hopefully Shatkins
    makes some calls to bolster the bullpen and try to get Scherzer or another qualified starter.
    If we added a legit closer. They need to look to the Pirates and Richard Rodriguez, Pit also has a few other interesting BP arms, and they'll definitely be looking to unload and get some prospects in return.
    Yes I know they're a 8 games back with a 34-35 record but they've lost a league worst 10 games when trailing in the 7th or later. So this is a playoff calibre starting 9 (top 5 in MLB imo), just with a horrible manager and a hurting bullpen.

  2. I hear a lot of how bad the Orioles are. Yes and no. REMEMBER, they are in a massive rebuild. On the current MLB roster, The only position players who will likely remain are Mullins and Mountcastle. Maybe Stewart. Pitchers, John Means and maybe one other current young starter and maybe one or two of their young bullpen arms. Everyone else is just here until the studs in the pipeline are here. Mancini will be traded this year I think. Sad to see him go, but it makes sense for a rebuild. So yes, the MLB roster right now is a hodgepodge of just a couple young future stars and mostly just placeholders. It’s bound to be a mess until they start the back half of the rebuild.

    And, it’s being done by the GM and staff that turned Houston Astros around, except the Orioles won’t be smacking trash cans in the dugout. They’re in good hands.

  3. Everyone before the game: Mountcastle has been okay, kind of disappointed with his results

    After this: Mountcastle ROY this dude is insane never doubted him!

  4. it truly was nice to see some real clutch hits. amazing comback, even tho we got lucky on that top 9th ining error, still tho the battle back was legondary and I feel can truly promote some real confedence.

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