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BIPOC Women in Fashion Prize: israella KOBLA | Fashion Zone at Ryerson University

Building a successful fashion, design or technology company is challenging for any entrepreneur. But BIPOC women face distinct barriers that can prevent them from realizing their entrepreneurship dreams. One of the most significant obstacles for BIPOC female-led ventures is the lack of early-stage funding – an issue only amplified by the pandemic.

The Fashion Zone at Ryerson provides the resources these entrepreneurs need on their road to success – including training, mentorship, and access to space and equipment. But without access to funding, these entrepreneurs are not able to make the next step investments in inventory, marketing and staff.

The BIPOC Women in Fashion Prize will provide crucial funding and incubator resources to support the growth and success of high potential BIPOC founders – when they need it most. The Fashion Zone will match your generosity by providing one fee-free year of incubation and business support to take these entrepreneurs to the next level.

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