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BeyondSafeWords talks with us about Gabbie Hanna, Rachel Oates, & Jimmy Snow | TGT

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Jessica is a therapist, but she is not your therapist. Any discussions of mental health are strictly based on her experiences or current understanding of the topic. Nothing in my videos should be taken as diagnosis, treatment, or formal services. Any scenarios are hypothetical & constructed to elaborate on a topic or share an experience. Nothing here should be taken as identification with actual persons (living or deceased).


8 comments on “BeyondSafeWords talks with us about Gabbie Hanna, Rachel Oates, & Jimmy Snow | TGT

  1. Surprisingly this isn't Jimmy's first mess, you really should look into his history with Steve McRae. There was a live stream on Steve's channel about 3 weeks ago where Steve brings it back up and is unsurprised by Jimmy's behavior thanks to how he acted about the NonSequitur litigation.

  2. I think it's harder with a situation like Whedon being a shitty person. Yes, he was the show-runner, but so many people worked so hard on all of those shows and films that they still stand as their own entities. Unlike writing a book, or recording an album (Rowling/Manson) TV and Film is very much a collaboration of writers, editors, crew, actors, set designers, graphics, lighting, filmography, etc… I don't feel as though we can reject or cancel a film due to a single film-maker the way we can an author or musician without being unduly unfair to the hundreds of other people involved in making those shows & fims a reality. Just my opinion having friends in the industry.

  3. Jimmy basically dismissed and belittled everyone who spoke out, almost all of whom were women expressing their feelings. Mr. Feminist Advocate can't actually LISTEN to women. For me, that's the ultimate end. I get miscommunications, I get that Rachel and Jimmy had a miscommunication (which is what Rachel called it in her interview) but Jimmy went on the attack against Rachel, not listening to her, then shutting down every woman who tried to talk to him or express their feelings.

    That is NOT a Feminist of any kind. That's toxic masculinity masquerading as a Feminist ally. It's all performative!

  4. The comparaison with the Kyle Kulinski situation is very accurate, I was thinking the same thing when you mentioned it.

  5. Thanks to you and BeyondSafeWords for this! I caught the end of the livestream, so I was able to get the playlist, but I didn't hear most of what you all had to say.

    I have to say, after watching the playlist, there's a LOT that wasn't covered here, or it was just hinted at. In the end, I wound up deciding to unsubscribe from Jimmy Snow, not because I want to hurt him, but because I feel uncomfortable and unsafe when I see him now, and I need to do what's right for me.

    Jess, I also left a comment previously on another video about wokescolds. I understand how you see it, and I think that's true, but I also think my perspective is true. Iirc, you said that people who have been hurt repeatedly tend to take everything as an attempt to harm them, so it's hard for them to see when someone is acting in good faith. I've definitely seen this in other people, so I agree. However, this situation with Jimmy is an example of what I was talking about. It's when people have valid concerns, and someone says, to paraphrase BeyondSafeWords, "Don't listen to my detractors. If I call them 'haters' or 'drama channels' or 'wokescolds,' then people won't listen to them." And, as a result, valid concerns get dismissed.

    I guess my questions is, how do you determine whether or not a concern is valid and should be listened to?

  6. I’ve been passively watching Jimmy for awhile now and I’m a big fan of Rachel, I’m really just baffled by how he’s treating her. He always portrays himself as a good faith critical thinker, but he didn’t even bother to get the full story. All he had to do was watch Rachel’s videos and he would see that she wasn’t all that cruel, but he didn’t because he doesn’t like poetry. If you can’t stomach a few limericks in order to give your close friend the benefit of the doubt, you’re being a bad friend and a worse researcher. Ultimately, he’s inserting himself into a situation where he doesn’t belong, with half the information and then burying his head in the sand.

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