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best of leonard green | dr green bullying ross | rachel's father

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The One With The Two Parties
This is Dr. Greene’s first appearance in the show. He drops by to wish Rachel a happy birthday and attends the party going on in Joey and Chandler’s apartment. Ross tries to bond with him, but ends up making a fool of himself when he calls a vascular surgery a “game” and when Dr. Greene catches Ross wearing his glasses and having a cigarette in his mouth. Rachel wanted the gang to make sure that her parents aren’t seen together, she saw what happened when they ran into together in her sister’s college graduation. Leonard is unaware of the fact that Sandra is in Rachel’s apartment, and whenever Rachel speaks to him, he complains about Sandra while the reverse happens whenever Rachel speaks to Sandra, which drives Rachel crazy. Near the end of this episode, Leonard leaves none the wiser about Sandra’s presence in Rachel’s apartment, but it’s possible that Dr. Greene was wondering what Ross was doing while he was hiding Rachel’s mother behind him while Joey was kissing her to prevent the two exes from intercepting.

The One With The Race Car Bed
Dr. Greene arrives at the restaurant where he has dinner with Rachel and Ross and Rachel tries to have her father and boyfriend bond. Dr. Greene makes jokes at Ross about the latter working in a library and about lobster allergy and later Ross makes Dr. Greene looks like he’s cheap by slipping a 20 dollar note under the dinner receipt. The next day at Rachel’s apartment, the three of them have a brunch and Ross and Dr. Greene are at odds again but soon find themselves bonding over making fun of Rachel’s chiropractor and various lack of good sense. However, the bond was temporary and at the end of this episode, Ross and Dr. Greene go back to loathing each other off-screen.

The One With The Stripper
Dr. Greene is first seen in this episode having dinner with Phoebe and Rachel. It is here that Rachel tries to tell him that she’s pregnant, which she does and is okay but isn’t quite impressed that Ross is the father and later that Rachel tells him that there’s not gonna be a wedding. She lies to him by saying that Ross won’t marry her because “he says she’s damaged goods.” He goes over to Ross’ apartment where he and Mona are dating and then a scene happens between the three with Mona now knowing about Rachel’s pregnancy, Dr. Greene and Ross arguing and Dr. Greene calling Mona a tramp. He is not seen again in the episode, but is heard over the phone at Joey’s apartment during the credits where he’s yelling at Rachel because she told him the truth and she leaves the phone open and on the table and goes out to a movie with Phoebe leaving Dr. Greene unaware that he is now yelling at nobody. Joey comes out of his room and hears voices then takes the phone and listens to Dr. Greene talking (but they both don’t know who is on the line) and Joey answers “Hey, I do too think about the consequences of my decisions!” and then “Well, what gives you the right to–?” and then the last thing Joey says to Dr. Greene before hanging up the phone is “Go to hell!” and quickly hangs up. After hanging up, he says “Stupid guy on my phone.”

The One Where Joey Speaks French
Dr. Greene makes his last appearance in this episode where he has a heart attack and is recovering in hospital. Rachel and Ross go to visit him and is first seen unconscious on a hospital bed with tubes, drip and everything on him. He soon wakes up after Ross tugs on his catheter with his feet while watching a movie. He then asks him what he’s doing at the hospital, asks him if whether the heart attack or talking to Ross is painful and if he (Ross) knocked up any more of his daughters to which Ross replies “Nope. Just the one”. He still hates Ross. In the uncut version of the episode, Rachel comes back into the room and finds her father awake and he tells her that “Ross has been of great comfort”. Dr. Greene’s last on-screen appearance was back in the hospital the next day where Ross and Rachel had a disagreement over sympathy sex and he comes out of his room and glares at Ross with a deadly look, thinking that Ross and Rachel have just had sex again, after Ross turns around to him and asks if he’s feeling better.

Sandra Greene
Dr. Greene and his ex-wife, Sandra happened to have an imploding relationship and marriage. It seems that they had only married for the sake of money rather than by love. According to Rachel, they barely even spoke (except when they argued). They ended up getting divorced in Season 2 and after that, they were completely unable to be in the same room, as shown when the gang throws Rachel two birthday parties with Rachel’s mother in Rachel’s apartment and her father in Joey and Chandler’s apartment.


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