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Best Friend of the Show, Chris D'Elia

Best friend of the CumTown Podcast, Chris D’Elia, is the topic for today.

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26 comments on “Best Friend of the Show, Chris D'Elia

  1. Lmfao anyone else keeps clicking on D'Elia videos expecting an actual nonretarded analysis? I keep seeing more of these vids where half-drunk bros try to be funny, clearly knowing NOTHING about the case and the best part is they like to talk shit about cancel culture but also shit on Chris D'Elia whos one of the media's cancel victims. It's like are you indecisive or do you just like to latch on to whatevers trending for views? Ehh's be 'Rigional 🥱🤑🤑

  2. I think all of these girls decided these allegations after the fact. Like everything was cool in the moment, except for those 19 year olds who rejected him in his hotel room-who were dumb to not understand why they were there in the first place. Nobody was under the age of consent, they had all DMed him in the first place. And some wanted fame and some wanted money. And some are brainwashed to be victims, like the drunk college girl after the fact effect. Like, party with the cool guy and then decide later when you realize he's not that into you that you're a victim. It reminds me of the Aziz Ansari allegation. And the Aziz girl was too dumb to even leave lol. At least those two dumb hotel 19 year olds left the room when D'Elia whipped it out. No different than any rockstar like Slash or movie star like Leonardo DiCaprio would have done, or I even would have done myself. But all that predator narrative stuff, just like the Bryan Callen's allegations, are total BS. You've all even literally seen the email where he turns the one girl down. These people are brain washed and/or want fame or money. I would even say the stuff Louis CK did was worse, although it was probably just his fetish, and everyone has one of those too.

  3. Underage women hit up Chris and Chris replied to them thinking they were of age. Once they said they were underage he stopped. This for majority of his accusations. Chris didn't do anything illegal and shouldn't be deemed a pedophile.

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