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BEST CHARACTERS YOU AREN'T USING! Most Underrated Characters in Genshin Impact

The Most Underrated Characters in Genshin Impact. Some of these characters have been getting more hype recently, but they are still very underrated, and I explain why in the video. Hopefully this video helps! ▼ Catch me live ▼
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Why Characters Are Underrated (0:00)
Strongest Underrated Characters (2:14)
Honorable Mentions (14:32)


24 comments on “BEST CHARACTERS YOU AREN'T USING! Most Underrated Characters in Genshin Impact

  1. Disclaimer : It was very hard to determine who is really "underrated" — but every character in this video is very commonly undervalued. Even characters who have been on the rise recently, like Xiangling, are usually appreciated but often valued less than other characters (like hu tao/diluc in xiangling's case) which is why I deem these characters greatly underrated. So I included the STRONGEST Underrated Characters (including characters that are considered just "good" instead of "amazing").
    Also i asked my theorycrafter friends (basically Zajef77 lol) and they agree that these characters are significantly undervalued & underused by many/most.

  2. Me who built my beidou with the bare minimium: Hehe 28k E
    Me who used to hate her bc she keeps giving me her constellation (c5): insert oh wow vine

  3. The F2P chars are actually good. The traveler, the char you start the game with, is very versatile and cheap to max out. People rate the chars more on popularity and aesthetics than performance. The problem with the game is that it can be "costly" to upgrade and level the chars, their weapons, their artifacts, and their talents.

  4. me with my main team consisting of beidou, jean, xiangling and barbara: interesting 👁️👄👁️

  5. Honestly, I've been wanting to build all of the characters I have however, The game doesn't want to give a normal amount of resources, worst rng ever.

  6. Jean is goat, unlimited sustain, cc and super great anemo synergy with her c2/3 making her team super fast.

  7. well i couldnt get fucking beidou because xinyans useless ass kept taking up all my wishes, and got xingqiu once

  8. Yea I used to think Jean was bad until I used her because I got her accidentally and got a C1 of her so yea she's pretty lit ngl

  9. as a new genshin player, this is quite helpful but I don't understand the majority of it. 😛

  10. 5:07 “As you can see my talent levels are low they’re ONLY level 6” cries in level 3

  11. It just really depends on the players' playstyle. Those characters are just underrated because of other peoples' tier lists, which is not valid because every player has a different play style. An underrated character to others might be the main dps and most lovable character to you, vice versa.

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