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Asmongold Reacts to George Floyd's Case Verdict | By Channel 5 (All Gas No Brakes)

Asmongold reacts to Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan, best known as All Gas No Brakes before losing control of his original channel. Andrew visited Minneapolis during the verdict of the Derek Chauvin Trial, who was found guilty of George Floyd Murder.

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33 comments on “Asmongold Reacts to George Floyd's Case Verdict | By Channel 5 (All Gas No Brakes)

  1. funny how someone can think anything noteworthy comes out of someones mouth who cant even wear a mask reasonably 😀

  2. I love how they show a video of the guy waving the gun and shit trying to show that he was a certain way like the cop saw those videos and knew who he was like lmfao come on

  3. Riddle me this, they couldn't conclusively prove murder, manslaughter at best, he got charged with all of the above, the jury we know have motivations, one got caught supporting black lives matter. Look if we can't try people with full due process then our justice system doesn't exist. This was a mob ruling, the fuck is this a banana republic?

    Put his has in jail for manslaughter, change police protocols and have stricter enlistment and move on. This trial wasn't a win for anyone.

  4. My reaction to all these racist saying if they don't get what they want everything is going to burn & such shit should be careful what they wish for. As for "you can't overthrow the government with force" i would point asmond to January 6th 2021 when a few hundred unarmed people made the big bad government collectively shit themselves in fear. Even though it was a riot & not insurrection like they keep calling it. Now imagine half the US storming the same capital armed to the teeth.

  5. Love the reaction to a black woman being loud and emotional is to call her gross and tell her to chill in chat.

  6. "pulled out a gun instead of a taser by mistake"
    Bruh this excuse wouldn't even be viable in a GTA Roleplay

  7. Gun toting Daunte Wright has been absolved of his sins because he bought gushers…gimme a fucking break. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  8. I think you wildly underestimate how much it costs them to use all that equipment hahahahah

  9. "anyone who thought he wasn't going to get convicted was crazy."
    Bruh did you forget about Eric Garner?

  10. It's really simple, even a child understands it.

    Don't commit crime and you will most likely not be harassed. George Floyd was far from an angel.

  11. He was not only punching a pregnant woman, he pointed a gun at her stomach treathen to shot only to rob her. To be honest, i care much about him as he cared about shooting that baby.

  12. LETHAL LEVELS OF FENTENYAL , COULDN"T BREATH BEFORE HE WAS PUT ON THE GROUND, RESISTING ARRREST… should be clear as fking day.. the drugs killed this guy. Even if this cop had any level of cause to this mans death there was no obvious sign of premeditated intent to kill & ZERO EVIDENCE OF RACIAL MOTEVATION…. Do we not live in a world of deduction and logic anymore….????

  13. Asmon if u don't think the people can take the govt by force then you don't understand a whole lot. Stick to wow bud that's where we like you

  14. What a lovely guy loved around the store – he walks, he buys juice, and buys gushers. awww

  15. "peacefull marching aint working"
    maybe thats because you havent been peacefull in the slightest?

  16. I dont get why the idea of picking up a gun instead of a taser by accuse is so outrageous to these people. Everyone makes small mistakes like that all the time, this one just ended with worse consequences. She says in the video that she is a put to taze him as a warning. It is still manslaughter. But why tf would this woman plan to murder someone she has never met? After 25 years on the force w/ no other shootings, she shoots some random guy in a traffic stop…

  17. Lmao. People watch one louder with crowder video and think they're an expert on the entire situation

  18. Gonna be mistrial for sure. Worst case scenario for the cop is manslaughter for not helping Floyd while he was OD'ing on his drugs. The knee on the shoulder/neck didn't kill him, the drugs did. He was hyperventilating in the car aswell.

  19. This guy is genuinely surprised people thought he was going to get off? In 2020, cops killed over 1,000 people and Derek Chauvin is the ONLY one to be held in trial. Cops kill people all the time and get away with it. Cops kill black people all the time and get away with it. Statistically, Chauvin getting a guilty verdict is unprecedented.

  20. She's more guilty then Chauvin since George Floyd die of an overdose… Not saying Chauvin doesn't deserve it for being a bad cop but don't get the fact twisted autopsy says he OD. ALSO "EVERYONE HAS PICTURES WITH GUNS" news to me hahahaha

  21. It takes 10 weeks of training to become a cop, it takes 4-6 months to get your Real State license and takes 4-5 years to get your cosmetology license😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  22. See the videos of Martin Luther King talking about police reform from the 1960's, you will find out that in 2021 we're still talking about the same $H1t👌

  23. Dante would have never even been at the risk of being tazered or shot or anything, and would still be alive, had he not ran, and tried to jump back into his car. The officer made a pretty big mistake, but he shouldn't have put himself in that situation in the first fuckin place.

  24. the woman with the X hat is the woman going around BLM burning and beating up people and stuff yet has a real estate business

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