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AOC Calls Biden Out on Relief Package Hypocrisy

AOC is pulling Joe Biden to the left. Ana Kasparian and Nando Vila discuss on The Young Turks. Support TYT by becoming a member:

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“A $2,000 stimulus check will be at the heart of a $2 trillion Covid relief plan that President-elect Joe Biden is set to unveil Thursday evening.

An economic package passed by Congress in December provided for fresh $600 stimulus payments despite calls from politicians on both sides of the aisle for bigger checks. Biden’s plan calls for adding up to $1,400 to the payments — totaling $2,000 for those eligible, according to a fact sheet provided by the administration on Thursday.”*

Hosts: Nando Vila, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Nando Vila, Ana Kasparian


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44 comments on “AOC Calls Biden Out on Relief Package Hypocrisy

  1. AOC, you know i love you, gurl..but Please..Please..don't do this to us…i am nOt a big Biden faN, at least not yet..but he is planning ti do the Right thing by us people **IF you guys work With him on it. Opposing Now is Not Helpin us At All..We Desperately Need this NOW!…Think a minute..He Said, a While back, that he was gonna do 2000..Then Congress threw a disgusting 600$ slap in the face at us for a belated christmas….So…to Placate the Republicans, which i agree with cos Healing Does have to Begin Somewhere..he said he would do a $1400 Now, to make it $2000. The Fukll $2000 Each Month was to Start Next Month. So…Please…Don't screw us out of this? i Beg of you <3
    My dad always said the road to hell is paved with good intentions….& that is True.

  2. Has to be 2000 Joe otherwise your starting out with a smear on your presidency. Just do it, quit acting like it's coming out of your pocket. Do what you say, looks like your trying to be cheap.

  3. What a crap story. Since day 1 he said that people will get $ 1400 above the $ 600 already received so that makes $ 2000. In every interview he said exactly that. Always better to get ofcourse the cheque for $ 2000, but hey, keep yourself also to the facts.

  4. This is good. I would go further and say that all progressives in Congress should team up and withhold their vote on this bill until those checks are recurring and Medicare is extended to ALL Americans. He can do that under Obamacare.

  5. "The dollar is the us currency and world's problem". Americans should not force their luck. World saving currency is a gain that USA should not take for granted. Inflation affects the poor more than the rich.

  6. I started walking around demanding he do 2k checks as a joke, i didn't think people would seriously argue for that. Obviously it should be 1.4k he said 2k before we got the 600.

  7. I call TYT out on its hypocrisy! TYT should have advocated for FORCE THE VOTE.

    TYT should have pushed for MEDICARE FOR ALL.

    Instead, TYT has become HYPOCRITES and a bunch of Corporate SELLOUTS!

  8. 27 trillion and counting. Keep adding to that debt baby!!!! Give away free money to everyone. No more working. The government will look after you. Yeah!!!! Spend spend spend. 👍

  9. If he wanted to be a great leader he would move to pass 4k, Medicare for all, tax the wealthy and audit them all also make them pay for the audit. Also take away loop holes and taxes and make churches and house of worship pay taxes.

  10. I am for 2000 dollar monthly checks while the pandemic is still going.

    But I also get 600 + 1400 equals 2000; so 1400 now, 2000 the month after and so on.

    That’s Magz at HMG simplifying it as much as possible. But hey, I will ever complain about getting a 2000 dollar check.

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