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Amazing Super Mario Bros. 2 Game Genie Codes! (Triple Challenge Code!)

In today’s video we’re checking out 3 interesting (very difficult) Super Mario Bros. 2 Game Genie codes, in a brand new Triple Challenge Code video! These codes have amazingly awesome effects on the game, and make the gameplay very difficult and very challenging.
Can I beat Super Mario 2 using these 3 challenging codes?

Retro Nintendo NES Game Genie Codes for Super Mario Bros 2!

ESXAZGEY – Makes ground-based enemies move really fast.
AYOPAIEI – Makes most of the enemies hop around and chase you.
SZEEENGE – Makes all of the floors slippery like ice!
(Posted by BeyondTheStatic)
These codes were tested on the PRG0 version.

Here’s the gamehacking page with all the awesome codes:

Download the .cht file for FCEUX here:
(Might need to save-as)

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33 comments on “Amazing Super Mario Bros. 2 Game Genie Codes! (Triple Challenge Code!)

  1. I’d be interested to see this with the addition of shy guys shoot bullets code.

  2. Mario 2: Kaizo Edition Hack. Also the secret to the slots is pressing B as fast as you can by as close to the first frame of the slots spinning but it can be very tricky to pull off. Ive hit three 7s many times by doing that and collected many lives, even hit 99 lives and after got glitched lives.

  3. hey gruz; you'll alway get a life if you start pressing the a button in the bonus screen really fast repeatedly when it starts. try it!

  4. Hey would be interested in covering the Dark Castle 3 beta? I'm not very good at Mac emulation but I have the game files.

  5. Game Genie codes actually have a 1 in 256 chance of affecting mapped memory regions and in even is possible to posses the same value as another location and so it is possible to run into problems with compare addresses.

  6. Gruz: I'm going to beat this game with these difficult codes

    Shyguy: Hippity hoppity your key is my property

  7. Great Video Gruz!! Glad to see this old classic being tweeked again. I have been gamegenie tweaking around with 1, 2 and 3 smb lately and made my own list with some pretty crazy stuff. How fun, however, some times ya don't always get so lucky with randomly throwing in letters but most gems, I've noticed, will show up from tinkering letter by letter with the ones that can totally crash the game. But I'm sure you knew that already Lol Keep up the awesome work!

  8. Gruz, in 4-2, there's 2 potions in the whale area, there's a part with 7 veggies, 1 of which is that 2nd potion. You did this shit the hard way.

  9. Thank Gruz- I needed something chill to watch today. Also if you ever need really creepy noise music stuff I'm your guy. I'll do it for free.

  10. the interesting thing with the altered enemies is… that they still have unique styles of moving over all acting the same! pink shy guys and pink snifits usually jumps about without chasing ya… red shy guys and probably red snifits do chase ya, and tweeters? they just keep going forward til they meet a wall, before turning around. oddly… pokeys and cobrats has their speeds swapped as well!

  11. At first I though you were just going easy with these codes but then I understood how hard it can be xD

  12. Am I crazy for spending hours in emulators just punching in random Game Genie codes to see what happens?

    I used to do this on my actual Game Genie, and unfortunately came up with cool effects in games that I didn't write down in my notebook that I filled with Game Genie codes, like one time I was messing with Ninja Gaiden 2 and got the parallax train stage background scrolling to occur in the first stage, which looked both cool and severely messed up at the same time.

  13. Your channel is a perfect combo of your mellow voice and goofy content. Love the Game Genie videos, keep'em coming at whatever pace you feel is good.

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