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Actor Interviews That Went Terribly Wrong

Watch the video for actor interviews that went terribly wrong!

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Robert Downey Jr. | 0:00
Jerry Seinfeld | 1:26
Robert Pattinson | 2:31
Samuel L. Jackson | 3:58
Jane Fonda | 5:18
Cara Delevingne | 6:23
Kristen Wiig and Bill Hader | 7:29
Anne Hathaway | 8:52
Mark Walhberg | 10:12

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39 comments on “Actor Interviews That Went Terribly Wrong

  1. Also there is no way in hell that Megyn (silly spelling) hasnt or wont get "work done" vacuous quim.

  2. Young people look up Grace Jones, she smacked a host for turning his back on her. Also Oliver Reed was hilarious in interviews mostly because he was drunk.

  3. 2:51 WRONG, it was Harry Potter that made him internationally recognized not twilight

  4. Sorry, but as far as Jane Fonda is concerned bringing up what she did during Vietnam is NOT "Petty" period! Yes, it was off topic, but WE will never forget that she is a Traitorist B** 🤬!!!! Great response from Anne Hathaway 🤣

  5. Norton is a Gentleman, so he wouldn't bare any animosity. Besides the format of his show works because of the interaction of the interviewees between themselves, and Norton is very expert at controlling the situation… mostly.

  6. I mean when the guy is known to ask awkward and uncomfortable question, I wouldn't be surprised if RDJ walk out on the guy, in fact, he deserved to be walk out upon.

  7. Wahlberg on Graham Norton was a laugh, and I never heard it to be such a big deal. I know American media thrives and hungers for drama, but this was luckily British.

  8. "Why would you want people to drink alcohol and come on a show?!" Keep in mind, Walberg KNOWS he is a wild drunk. Don't forget the things he did in his youth, forgive him, sure, but don't forget. Giving Mark Walberg alcohol is very low on my list of things to do, because that could turn out to be a life or death decision. I know, alcohol affects me the same way. That night Graham got good and fun loving Mark Walberg, it could have been different though.

  9. Seinfield's response was just narcissistic and uncalled for dont portray the incident as if it was Larry King's Fault, Jerry Seinfield was too full of himself.

  10. If Jane Fonda glared at me like that I'd drop to my knees and start desperately begging for her forgiveness

  11. Larry King somehow built a whole career out of doing absolutely zero prep work for interviews and selling people on that being a virtue.

  12. In all fairness with the Larry King interview, Jerry Seinfeld was joking around. He was just giving Larry a hard time. It's something that Jerry does, as I've seen him do the same routine with friends of his. He's making fun of his popularity by screaming, "do you know who I am?" So, clearly, Seinfeld's response wasn't meant to be taken seriously, even though Larry King's statement of "Seinfeld" being canceled was wrong.

    Same with Samuel L. Jackson. He was just giving the interviewer a hard time.

  13. You don't know awkward until you Check It Out with Dr. Steve Brule and Eric Andre.

  14. Geezus. How can some of these interviewers even have jobs. Yes RDJ did drugs, we know this. No, it is not appropriate to flirt with actors during a promotional interview. DO YOUR JOB. Ask questions that are relevant to the topic.

  15. Marianne McClary was so rude, and completely out of line telling Cara Delevingne to “Take a little nap, maybe get a Red Bull.”

    Ummm…. Here’s some advice Marianne… Have the decency TO LEARN YOUR GUESTS NAME! You were incredibly disrespectful to Cara by calling her Carla… and personally, I would have called you out on it straight away.

  16. 03:16 interesting that the woman in the background is telling them to finish….before the interview STARTED???!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

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