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A Vote For the Republic: Trump Holds Rally in Georgia Ahead of Critical Runoff Election | Ep 111

President Trump visited Georgia last night to hold a rally ahead of the crucial Senate runoff election, which is occurring today. Joe Biden told supporters they had to win GA so they could “change America” and Chairman of the Committee to Defend the President, Ted Harvey, stops by to discuss the importance of the race. Plus, Trump surrogate Brian Trascher joins to talk about the DC rally and Senate plans to object certifying the electoral college results, and AOC wants President Trump impeached over the leaked phone call this weekend.

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18 comments on “A Vote For the Republic: Trump Holds Rally in Georgia Ahead of Critical Runoff Election | Ep 111

  1. Stumbled across this what do you make of it? <div><iframe width="300" height="60" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay"></iframe><br><a href="" title="Vocaroo Voice Recorder" target="_blank">View on Vocaroo &gt;&gt;</a></div>

  2. How we got here isn't important as how do we get out if it! We know how we got here… That's not hard to figure out.. it's what are we going to do now? It's going to take drastiic measures make no mistake and that's because when we had a chance to make changes we didn't!

  3. Leaked phone call? Of the President !!! That should be a FELONY!!! So sick of this crap!!! 🤬

  4. If the survival rate is 99.9% why would a healthy person get vaccinated with an experimental drug?

  5. Sorry This poor excuse for a Show sucks, its boring , terrible audio and when he acts like he is in a mega studio and says, "run clip 3" that shit is lame as hell. I have to unsubscribe .

  6. I have subscribed to your podcast but you are not showing up in my feed. I had to research your channel to find this podcast. I guess that's to be expected in this climate.

  7. Scary people like AOC and others have been voted in, the scariest is the people voting for them. Dumbing down of America.


  9. 133 million registered voters.
    74 million voted for Trump.
    Question :
    How much voters voted for other candidates and who is the winner ?

  10. Senate, house and WH will not change the reality
    Corporations do so go after the bankers
    These politicians are there just to give us an illusion that we have choice

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