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7 Actors Who Were Brownfaced For Their Roles | Bollywood | The Family Man

This time 5ocial brings you a video on actors who were brownfaced for their playing their characters. Hoping this video creates some kind of awareness about the brown face practices in our cinema.

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Samantha Akkineni in The Family Man Season 2
Hrithik Roshan in Super 30
Varun Dhawan Coolie No.1
The Family Man Controversy


41 comments on “7 Actors Who Were Brownfaced For Their Roles | Bollywood | The Family Man

  1. We are living in a typical Society where people say Racism is discriminatory and should't be supported, On the other hand we are still using fairness creams to boost our confidence during interviews or something…….. Expecting such things are common, but expecting common things are uncommon.

  2. Even ANUSHKA SHETTY had a brown faced makeup in bahubali 1…..👩🏾‍🦳
    How can these ppl forget it?!

  3. Kale to rajnikant Or vijay setupsthi bhi hai pr unke jaisa koi hai kya vijay setupsthi se mai pyar karti hu

  4. I love you and your channel but ye bich mey male voice mujhey sahi nhi laga ye aapka video hy or review video male voice ka wo please male voice ko aapke video me interference naa krny de…
    May aapka video isliye dekhta hu kyoki aap straight baat krty ho or aaj ke video mey male voice ka interference acha nhi laga that's it.

  5. R a bhai jo ac mail nehi rahta, life mai struggle hai, uska body colour brown ho jata hai… So samatha ka make up sehibhai

  6. I was just shocked😱😱😱😱😱 but later get relief😌😌😌😌. V don't joke like that my heart and kidney came out of my mouth

  7. I think they should cast naturally skin toned characters because they grab the real feel of a character. But there are some roles where dark makeup is needed but these are minimal.. we may ignore them.. but there always will be relevance of natural dark skin toned characters.

  8. Please Make A Video On Abhay Deol
    He is one of the best actor of Indian Cinema.
    Still He is Most Underrated And Ingnored😭

  9. Indian all film industry really good but only support their talents and
    Mujhe lagta hai her films industry may Desh ke her rajya ke acter Ko aage badhao taki India and ki her stat ke barre maybe log jaan paye
    Unka culture samjha specialye India s 7sister country

  10. Hindi ppl always want to copy Hollywood. Now that they r talking abt black face, u ppl started jus connecting dots which are not necessary.. Copy copy copy, even the trends, concepts also u Bollywood media copy frm Hollywood, stop being a wannabe.. Kuch kaam nahi hai aap logon ko..

  11. It's better they took deepika padukone behalf of samantha akkineni 🤣🤣
    Deepika is really dark skinned 😸
    Natural beauty deepu

  12. By the way
    If any other actress was played role of dark skinned girl in bala Replace of bhumi Pednekar
    That actress may be felt bad or bcoz of her dark look she did film
    It's like a guilt

  13. For brown face , we are brown people so if a brown actress does it , it would be less problematic tbh. And blackface has a different case, blackface was mainly done to mock people in the past and belittle them, so even if what reason u have, blackface is still wrong . Just cast dark skinned actors 💩

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