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23 comments on “650K Michiganders could have to repay COVID unemployment benefits due to error

  1. we need federal intervention on this corrupt broken system, thats what its going to take lots of people should be fired for what they have done to people, the pain and suffering they have caused. id be very worried about going to prison if i where some of them

  2. yep this is ridiculous , Maybe at the time this all happened they should have hired more people to handle it so people could actually talk to someone. My Wife just got hit with the over payment bill and even after protesting they still say no. If we would have known this last year she would have taken a chance to go out in public with the possibility of catching covid instead of staying home.

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  4. Good. So many lazy fucks took complete advantage of the pandemic. I worked all through the pandemic and being a head chef and seeing how many worthless idiots come in every day and have no life blows my mind. Do something with your life and stop blaming others because your a worthless and lazy sack of shit.

  5. My error of $28,312 been on my account since February, they say it’s a glitch and overpayment for last year’s unemployment. I’m still waiting on something! I emailed the governor and our state representative. I really need answers.

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  7. Hello. I am now over 5 months behind an unemployment benefits, and I'm now at the point where I have decided to sue the Illinois Department of Employment security. I am not as legally trained as I would like to be, and would need legal help. If you can either provide legal help and have a law degree verifiable with the Illinois bar association, or if you are like me and would like to sue the department and have a class action lawsuit, please contact me either way. If you are just a person like myself who wishes to get in on a class action lawsuit, I probably won't have much information for you at first until I get a lawyer who can orchestrate all this, but don't lose hope, I will sue them. Please feel free to send me a private message with your situation name or even just saying that you also would like to be involved in a potential suit and I will forward it to any lawyer who I'm able to get a hold of and have champion this issue. Thanks.

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  9. This was all a ploy to put you out of your house and living on the street. Ohio is doing the same thing. STAY HOME BE SAFE! and then we will make you homeless in the end. An ohio job and family services operator laughed at me when I told her I am back to work and said {"Welcome back to the workforce with those of us who pay taxes" I said -what? Meanwhile I am trying to prove i was rightfully unemployed during the so called pandemic that i am having to show documentation. They want it all back even though Their stupid system couldn't stop from being hacked for 3 million dollars . Now they want us to pay it back.

  10. Here from South Carolina,
    I received a letter that i need to pay back $586 that was overpaid to me thru unemployment… like wtf i cant pay that back that was my rent money !!! They should have not overpaid us 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ how inconvenient!!! Then the pple it didnt happen to says things like “get on a payment plan & pay thm back slowly” or “hire an attorney” WITH WHAT MONEY !!!!!! ????? Hire who with WHAT MONEY ?! 😣🤦🏽‍♀️

  11. Those are the PUA reasons that the states don't even spend a dime on!!! The government gives you federal funding and the states administer it then the state go back and say you got to pay it back to take the money from the claimants. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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