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26 comments on “3 TIPS FOR FINDING VEINS!

  1. I just started mobile/life ins drawing. I am also right out of training. I have failed on three men that were dehydrated and hard to find/feel veins. My boss is not happy with me and doesn't understand how I can miss a vein. Tips on strong yet dehydrated veins on men?
    And I do really enjoy your vids.. I have watched countless trying to gather as much wisdom as I can from them, but you're so personal I definitely appreciate that!

  2. You’re a pleasure and I’d love to have coffee with you, however may I request that you get to the instruction of your videos immediately versus thanking viewers… I’m very interested in your teaching but I don’t have 4 minutes to wait for the teaching portion. I hope this doesn’t seem rude. I just want to learn all I can in as little time as possible. Thank you!🙃

  3. Thank you 🙏🏽. Great videos as always. What do you recommend for new phlebotomy? I started my course this month and I still feel unprepared. I’m always thinking about patients health first.

  4. I love your content. You are truly helping me during my first Phlebotomy job. Can you do a video on drawing deep veins, Positioning the arm properly to draw from the Cephalic vein, drawing blood from patients that have their arms super tight or that cannot extend their arms all the way?

  5. It would be nice if you revisited REQUISITION FORMS, like which tests goes into which tubes. Just having you explain it (again) would be great, thanks😀😀😀

  6. Hello crystal, I wished you were here in Florida. I've learned so much from you. But IAM having trouble finding your email so I can talk too you one on one. Thank you so much for doing what you do . 🙏

  7. peace😁 Im a student! 🎉 So I palpate and find the vein but when I draw the blood I miss the vein sometimes.. I'm so frustrated 😕PLEASE HELP!!!Thanks😁

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