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2021 How to List on EBay Step by Step Beginner’s Guide Goodwill Haul Photographing & Listing with Me

Today I will go through the steps to list on EBay. I have a Goodwill thrift haul, take photos and show how to remove the background, list items starting with creating a draft on my phone and completing the listings on my desktop. This video is designed for beginners that want to start listing on EBay!

Supplies I use from Amazon:


10X13 (100 Pack) Pink Watercolor Stripes Poly Mailer Envelope Plastic Custom Mailing & Shipping Bags

100 Pcs 12 x 15.5 White Poly Mailer Envelopes Shipping Bags with Self Adhesive, Waterproof and Tear-Proof Postal Bags

100 Count – 14.5″ x 19″, Black Gingham Plaid Poly Mailer Envelope, Mailing Shipping Bags

What I use to package and protect items before putting them in the Polymailer or box:
Clear Polybags:

(200 Count) Crystal Clear Resealable Polypropylene Poly Bags
Be careful to order a big enough size! I order the 10X13 and 12X15 sizes, perfect for clothing!

Duck Brand Packing Paper, Each Sheet 24-Inch x 24-Inch, White, 1 Pack of 220 Sheets

Small Bubble Cushioning Wrap 12″ x 175′ Long Roll
BIG roll of bubble wrap! My mom usually saves enough bubble wrap for me, but occasionally I order this roll when I don’t have enough!

This is the printer I use, it has held up to daily use for approximately 5 years!

The toner I had been using went up to $48! So I found one that is equivalent for $22! I have to replace my toner about once a year. Here is the link:

Self Adhesive Shipping Labels:

Other items I use:

I have been using the same scale for 16 years….but when I need to buy a new one, this one looks terrific, has excellent reviews and weighs items up to 50 lbs and is great price!!!!

Ring Video Doorbell – One of my favorite items for reselling! I can monitor when my mail carrier picks up my packages and even communicate with her when I am not at home! (You can use the app on the phone and talk to the person at your door.) I also feel like it could keep potential theft of packages away!

Small mini ring light! Inexpensive and does the job for photographing and Youtube videos!

Link for Photoroom app:

How to find me!

Comment on a video for the fastest response and to make sure that I get it! 🙂


My main Poshmark closet:

My newest Poshmark closet that I started to work on with my daughters:

If you follow me on Poshmark, let me know your Poshmark closet so I can follow you back!

My main Ebay store:

My second Ebay store:


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  1. Yes, another great video 😍The weighing of the item during the listing project is such a time saver! It will be so nice to have this tutorial whenever I need it 🙏🌸

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