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2021 Channel Goals ✨🎥

Here are some goals I have for my channel in 2021. What goals do you have for your channel? #booktube #ChannelGoals #AuthorTube

✨Pre-order my new chapbook, Memoria:

YouTube channels shown in this video:
🌟 Better Than Food:
🌟 My Name is Marines:
🌟 Broey Deschanel:
🌟 Cruel World, Happy Mind:

Things you can do to Reflect, Learn, and Act:
🖤 The San Isidro Movement:
🖤 Hurricane Eta Relief Fund:
🖤 Help the Georgia Senate Runoff!:
🖤 Support victims and survivors of Rape, Incest, and Abuse:
🖤 Faxtivism:
Fax info to bring justice for Elijah McClain:
1. Fax AG Dave Young
2. Fax # 303.835.5522
3. Upload any relevant attachments, such as art, photos, letters, etc. (first 3 are free).
4. Type in a cover letter that demands justice for Elijah McClain. Write your own letter– staff tend to ignore/throw out scripts!
5. Check your email to confirm it was sent!
Rinse and repeat! You can even research cases of police brutality in your own state and message your own officials.
🖤 Take Action:
🖤Learn and Unlearn:
🖤 Donate:

My Books:
🦇 Carlito the Bat:
✍🏼Cuentos from the Swamp:

💰 My Amazon seller account:
📷Instagram: @shellyflowers
📖Goodreads: @shellyflowers
💻Tumblr: @shellyflowers
📧 Email:
🐦 Twitter: @shellyflowers
👕 Shirt:

Artist Info:
Big shout out to the artist who created the images I use for my banner pic, profile pic, thumbnails, end screen, etc.
🎨Kiara Sanchez
📷IG: @kiartist


4 comments on “2021 Channel Goals ✨🎥

  1. Good luck with the Goals- my Goal is to post more regularly since I seem to forget after every 2 months that I run a youtube channel.

  2. I can't wait to see more in depth single book reviews and author deep dives from you!!

  3. You're goals are so solid! I also enjoy essay style videos and wanted to include some on my channel as well! Good luck with your goals! <3

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