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30 comments on “07-20-2021 The Most Polarizing Late Night Host Ever

  1. I’ve been given black rifle coffee before from boomer family members. It was pretty mediocre coffee. It’s just branding marketed towards dumb republicans. It wasn’t bad, but honestly I like some basic Dunkin’ Donuts brand over black rifle

  2. You are the last person that should own a firearm, and that's objectively true. And your twitter feed reads like female, taking pictures of your dinner Jesus Christ.

  3. BRCC does have good coffee. Thankfully I'm now allergic to all coffee. I've gone British, tea time.
    I bought brcc long before they were popular and were advertising. Never bought it regularly.

  4. Black rifle coffee lol well now that I know it works, Diversity salad.

    black seeded Simpson lettuce, black artichoke, black olives, even dye the dressing black….diversity salad.
    Sold only at stunning & brave locations lol

  5. American's: Stop pronouncing Adidas as ADD DEE DAS. It's infuriating. Adidas is pronounced ADDY DASS. Because, the company was formed by Adolf "Adi" Dassler. Also, it's NIKE not NIKEY.

    You're welcome.

  6. They already turned on Kyle Rittenhouse when he was wearing their shirt after he got bailed out. It was a big thing, and Elijah Schaefer ditched his sponsorship with them over it.
    Oh and about the distribution deal: I started seeing canned Black Rifle Coffee in Royal Farms a few months ago.
    Kyle didn't throw his life away to be based and redpilled though….
    He had a rifle with him, but he wasn't acting like a sperg. They started chasing him because he put out a fire that they started. They lit a dumpster on fire and pushed it towards the gas station.

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