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🌱 painting animal crossing scenes //sketchbook diaries

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Dear Airies ✨

Hope you’ve been doing amazingggg ! I know I know spring is almost over in many countries but I still wanted to dedicate a page of my sketchbook for a spring related artwork !! And as you may already know I looove spring a lot and really wanted to paint a scene out of animal crossing new horizons 🌱 I (hee) personally dont really play animal crossing except plucking weeds and shaking trees in order to gather fruits on my sisters island so I didn’t know that the cherry blossom season was already over in may TT so just to capture this scene I made my sister time travel to the beginning of April and really loooove this specific scene !!
I actually struggled a lot while painting this and was about to give up midway through the process as well….but I decided to not give up and eventually I’m very glad that I did so ✨
It definitely could have turned out better but nonetheless I’m still happy with the results 🙌
Anyways, before I write an essay I’ll stop and hope you have fun watching the video.

Always stay safe and healthy.
Hope you enjoy this video and as always thank you so so much for watching ❤️

Lots of love,

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// time stamps:
00:00 intro
00:27 preparing desk space
1:38 the sketch and setting borders with tape
2:10 skillshare !
3:02 let’s paint
12:59 peeling off the tape
13:56 outro

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